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Here are a few of our friends, projects and destinations. Please send us pictures of your favorites and we'll include 'em here. Did you find your friends here? Send an Email and let them know! And beware, if you send us perv stuff, spam or viruses we'll go all FAA on your house!
Our Pride and Joy Slide Show for Our Pride and Joy

What readers are flying. Send a JPEG of your airplane.

23 photos.

Nash Field Slide Show for Nash Field
Nash Field, Indianola, Iowa (IA66)

It's not Ailerona, but you can see it from here...

15 photos.

Warbirds Slide Show for Warbirds
Warbirds We've Known

Warbird photos from readers

11 photos.

Berge Airplanes Slide Show for Berge Airplanes
The Aero Fleet

The Ailerona Aero Fleet

7 photos.

Tailwheel Training Slide Show for Tailwheel Training
Transition to tailwheel

Combine a BFR with the additional training required under FAR 61.31 to fly tailwheel airplanes, and you're logging the Ailerona experience at Nash Field (IA66) in central Iowa with Paul Berge, CFII.

For current tailwheel training rates and schedules:

Contact Us
7 photos.

Pumpkin Bombing Slide Show for Pumpkin Bombing
Great Pumpkin

Surprisingly legal and growing more popular all the time--dropping surplus pumpkins from antique airplanes is our answer to many unasked questions. For more on "Zen and the Art of Pumpkin Bombing" go to: www.rejectionsliptheater.blogspot.com
2 photos.

Blakesburg AAA/APM Slide Show for Blakesburg AAA/APM
HQ Antique Airplane Association, Blakesburg, IA

Antique Airfield, home of the Air Power Museum in Blakesburg, Iowa (IA27), 50 miles from Nash Field, and not too far from Ailerona.

Visit their AAA/APM website at: http://www.aaa-apm.org/

12 photos.

Aerial Artwork Slide Show for Aerial Artwork
Pilots' Eye Views

Aerial photos sent in by viewers like you.

8 photos.

Seaplanes Slide Show for Seaplanes
Stuff That Flies and Floats..mostly

4 photos.

Marquart Biplanes Slide Show for Marquart Biplanes
Marquart Biplanes

Designed by Ed Marquart of EAA Chapter #1 at Riverside, California's Flabob Airport, the Marquart Charger MA-5 aerobatic biplanes are the best kept aviation secrets.

18 photos.

Westward Into the Fog Slide Show for Westward Into the Fog
Westward Into The Fog - Marquarts to WVI
Wherein Paul wins Best (only!) Marquart award at the Watsonville,California (WVI) 2005 EAA and Antique Fly-in!
13 photos.

Out Of Africa Slide Show for Out Of Africa
Cessna 182 Skylanes Worldwide
View the Cessna 182 Skylane in its natural environment--up to it's belly in mud.
3 photos.

Out of Europe Slide Show for Out of Europe
Out of Europe

What's flying in Europe.

2 photos.

Works In Progress Slide Show for Works In Progress
What Customers are Building and Rebuilding

Sometimes these projects even fly...and some successfully, too.

7 photos.

Brodhead Slide Show for Brodhead
Brodhead, Wisconsin


6 photos.

Vintage Aircraft Slide Show for Vintage Aircraft
Vintage Aircraft

Anything that flies and is over over 30 years old.

9 photos.

Air Traffic Control Slide Show for Air Traffic Control
Air Traffic Control

Anything related to ATC.

1 photos.

Luscombes Slide Show for Luscombes
Luscombes, Light Sport Classics

Perfect for the LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) crowd.

3 photos.

Alaska Aviation Slide Show for Alaska Aviation
Alaska Flying

Anything with wings on or over Alaska.

2 photos.

Flight Training Slide Show for Flight Training
Flight Training

Primary, BFRs, tailwheel, and a little instrument hood time--whatever the need, there's an instructor waiting...Oh, that sounds way too Steinbeckish...just enjoy the photos and e-mail us if you need a CFI or CFII.

1 photos.

Hatz Biplanes Slide Show for Hatz Biplanes
Hatz Biplanes

Hatz biplanes.

2 photos.

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