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Aviation Speakers for your event as of Monday, June 17, 2024.

Paul Berge

Author, flight instructor, former FAA air traffic controller, public speaker

Aviation author Paul Berge is a flight instructor, former FAA air traffic controller, author of the novels Bootleg Skies and Inside The Circle plus short-story audiobook collections, Ailerona and the Logbook. He was the Editor of IFR magazine (1999-2005), and is currently the Brainteaser author (since #65) on AVWeb.com. Paul could also be seen weekly on Iowa Public Television's Living In Iowa hosting the Side Roads (nominated for an Emmy (r) Award) travel series (aired from 2000-2006). For over ten years he was the voice of radio's Rejection Slip Theater (c) on newsradio WHO-1040 AM and now podcast through iTunes.

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Roberta Bassin

Amelia Earhart Show

Performance Description: "Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words: It is 1937, Lae, New Guinea. Emmy-submitted actress, Roberta E. Bassin, brings to life famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart as she is about to leave on the last leg of her round-the-world flight reflecting on her childhood, passion for flying and her fight for the rights of women, "A pilot is a pilot." The show culminates with an exciting audience Q & A for discussion. "Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words" has thrilled, delighted and inspired audiences at luncheons, museums, corporations, libraries, schools, conferences, playhouses, colleges, dinners, and benefits. "It is a must see."

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Paul Beck

LAPD helicopter pilot (ret), flight instructor, storyteller

Remember OJ's slow-speed chase through Los Angeles? While you may have seen it on TV, Paul Beck was in slow pursuit as the pilot of an LAPD helicopter.

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Tim Busch

Flight Instructor, Motivational Speaker

Aviation Evangelist Tim Busch is a Master Certified Flight Instructor (MCFI) and Tae Kwon Do master, Owner/Manager and Chief Flight Instructor of Iowa Flight Training, President of the Iowa Aviation Promotion Group (www.FlyIowa.org), an FAA FAAST team representative, and regularly appears as an Acquisition Manager at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, a manufacturer of avionics and communications systems. He earned an MBA from the University of Iowa and a degree in Computer Science from Mount Mercy College. A frequent contributor to aviation-related magazines and newsletters, Tim’s goal is the eventual conversion of all drivers to pilots, reducing congestion on America’s roadways.

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Scott Dennstaedt

Flight instructor, meteorologist, aviation author

Scott Dennstaedt is a Flight Instructor, Meteorologist and IFR magazine contributing editor who specializes in Cirrus and Lancair training plus weather seminars

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Rick Durden

Writer, flight instructor, ATP, aviation attorney

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Kevin Garrison

Airline captain, storyteller, author, humorist

Captain Kevin Garrison is a storyteller who weaves his unique views on life, politics, and aviation into a presentation that's sure to amuse, inspire, and possibly even inform.

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Jane Garvey

Pilot, aviation writer, attorney

Our Jane Garvey is not the former FAA Adminstrator. Our Jane Garvey wasn't qualified for that position because she's a pilot.

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Giacinta Bradley Koontz

Author, speaker, Harriet Quimby expert

Giacinta Bradley Koontz brings history to life wearing vintage costumes, with multimedia presentations. Giacinta is an aviation consultant and historian focusing on research and preservation of aviation-related sites for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

She holds a degree in Anthropology and US History from San Diego State University and founded/directed the Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation and Museum in Burbank, Calif.

Giacinta Bradley Koontz is the author of The Harriet Quimby Scrapbook, a biography of America's first licensed female pilot. She also directed the Harriet Quimby Research Conference from 1995-2000.

Giacinta was featured on PBS for her work on the Portal, and in the documentary, Chasing The Sun, as well as the History Channel's Women Combat Pilots.,

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Doug Rozendaal

CAF pilot, instructor, warbird safety expert, author, ATP, DER

If you've been to Oshkosh, you've probably seen Doug Rozendaal. Or perhaps you read about him in Air & Space Smithsonian's 2004 article on warbird test pilots. If you fly instruments and read IFR magazine, then you know Doug Rozendaal as an experienced instrument pilot, freight dog, and one helluva story-teller.

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Scott 'Sky' Smith

Pilot, author, columnists, aviation and marine insurance expert

Scott "Sky" Smith lives the aviation adventure traveling to airshows, putting on seminars, and writing for numerous magazines including Private Pilot before its retirement.

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Brent Taylor

Antique Airplane Association Runway magazine editor, pilot, mechanic

Whether flying the antiques or writing about them for the Antique Airplane Association's magazine, The Antique Airfield Runway, there are few in the world who know more about the subject of old airplanes than Brent Taylor.

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Jeff Van West

Editor IFR magazine

Jeff Van West is a flight instructor and editor of IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) magazine.

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Chip Wright

Airline captain, flight instructor, IFR magazine contributing editor

Chip Wright is a well-known writer as both a regular contributor to AOPA's Pilot magazine and long-time contributing editor at IFR magazine. Although a fulltime airline captain flying CRJs, Chip keeps his hand in general aviation as a flight instructor and active EAA homebuilder. Chip specializes in teaching.

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