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Jane Garvey

Pilot, aviation writer, attorney

Our Jane Garvey is not the former FAA Adminstrator. Our Jane Garvey wasn't qualified for that position because she's a pilot.

After nearly 30 years spent thwarting North Carolina's bad guys, Ms.Garvey is now a recovering lawyer devoting her time to aviating rather than litigating, thereby consorting with a slightly higher grade of riffraff. An aviation writer for more than a decade, she has appeared in 9 different aviation publications. Currently a contributing editor for IFR magazine, she focuses on computer and online resources for pilots and accident data review. Through both straight analysis and the annual "Stupid Pilot Tricks" for IFR, the objective is to help keep her fellow aviators from bending tin - and themselves. Also a contributing editor for Aviation Consumer, she might help keep a buck or two in your pocket as well. Ms. Garvey is an instrument rated commercial pilot and owns a Cessna 182P.

Jane spoke at Fly Iowa 2006, To have our Jane Garvey speak at your next event:

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