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Brent Taylor

Antique Airplane Association Runway magazine editor, pilot, mechanic

Whether flying the antiques or writing about them for the Antique Airplane Association's magazine, The Antique Airfield Runway, there are few in the world who know more about the subject of old airplanes than Brent Taylor.

Brent Taylor literarly grew up surrounded by antique airplanes. The son of Robert L. Taylor, the founder of AAA/APM (Antique Airplane Association/Air Power Museum), Brent along with his brother Barry, son Benjamin, and a host of AAA/APM volunteers "Keep The Antiques Flying" at Antique Airfield (IA27) in Blakesburg, Iowa.

When the FAA gets a little confused about antique airplane maintenance and operation, Brent Taylor gently guides them back to reality's path as a member of the FAA's national ad hoc committee for Aging General Aviation Airplanes matters. He's an aircraft mechanic (A&P with Inspection Authorization) who taught A&P mechanics at the college level, and he's a commecial pilot who's at home wrenching on Jacobs, Lycomings, or Wright J-5 engines, recovering Stearmans, Travel Airs, or Wacos and spends many days on-the-airways ferrying rare aircraft cross-country.

Brent Taylor is the editor of three aviation type publications: Culvers Going Places, Great Lakes Log, and Interstate Intercom.

He's the Fly-in Chairman for the AAA/APM National Fly-in and Treasure of APM.

These experiences make for a trunkful of riveting (or rib-stitching) aviation adventures, which Brent Taylor spins into an informative and entertaining evening the likes of which you won't experience anywhere else--at any price.

To have antique airplane expert, Brent Taylor, speak at your organization's upcoming event, or conduct an aviation maintenance seminar:

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