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Scott Dennstaedt

Flight instructor, meteorologist, aviation author

Scott Dennstaedt is a Flight Instructor, Meteorologist and IFR magazine contributing editor who specializes in Cirrus and Lancair training plus weather seminars

Known among the Columbia and Cirrus pilot community as the weather guru, Scott Dennstaedt worked as a meteorologist long before he became a pilot and flight instructor. He has the unique qualifications of being a meteorologist and a CFII. Weather, flying, and teaching have always been his greatest passions. He is now doing all three of these nationwide. Scott is also a contributing editor at IFR magazine and has written articles for the Aviation Weather Center's publication called The Front. In addition to his aviation weather training CDs, Scott currently holds live online workshops and individualized training teaching pilots how to utilize the multitude of free weather resources available on the Internet. His goal is to take general aviation pilots a step beyond a standard Flight Service or DUATS briefing. As far as we know, Scott is the only CFI teaching aviation weather nationwide. With the recent availability of panel-mounted and portable cockpit weather systems, it is not a surprise that Scott has found a niche in teaching pilots how to safely use these products in flight. Most importantly, he teaches pilots about the limitations of this technology and includes in-flight weather avoidance strategies. In addition to teaching aviation weather, Scott is a flight instructor in technically advanced aircraft. He's a Columbia Factory Instructor and co-developed the Columbia Recurrent Training Program (CRTP) for the Columbia owners association.

To have Scott Dennstaedt speak at your next event or teach a seminar call: 1-515-961-0654 or:

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